Roller Coaster (Lego Creator Expert 10261)

Roller Coaster (Lego Creator Expert 10261)

Hello Builders!

It’s time to unveil the largest, most space-consuming Lego set I have ever built. It is the Lego Rollercoaster which is part of the Creator Expert Series.


What I like about this set is the fact that it goes perfectly with the entire modular series building because it is mini figure scale. It is also part of the “Carnival” series, or thats what I call it which consist of the carousel (next review) and the ferris wheel (still saving up for that). Despite having a vast collection of Lego sets, I am still very new to MOCs. But I have seen countless Lego bloggers building their own Lego cities with their own creations. The only thing I wish I could ask them was how did they make so much space for their Legos.

This set is one of the most challenging set I have ever built. In my opinion, it took me about the same amount of time as the Bugatti Chiron. But once completed, it is extremely addictive to keep winding the carts up and watching them ride all around. I am still doing that as I write this review. I got creative and tried to put minifigs all around the track and let them get run over while recording in slow-mo. The results are hilariously fun.

On to the build!

The build process is split into 2 halves of the set. You build the right side of the park which is the taller side. After completing this, I spent a few minutes wondering where I can fit this. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a rack that can fit this yet, and it is sitting on my study desk. This set separate the numbered bags in a strange way; half of the bags are put into 2 different white boxes, the red tracks are everywhere, and the other half of the bags is just by itself.


You will continue building most of the support beams for the rollercoaster for quite some time. It was very frustrating because I just wanted to put a cart on it to roll it around. That will come when you build the very last bag, but it will be well worth your effort.


This set took me 2 evenings to build because I had to sleep early for work the next morning. But I think if I did not have work the next day, it can be completed in 1 night. It took me awhile to adjust the length of the chain drive. According to the instructions, the chain is made of 203x pieces and the set said it supplied 203x pieces. But after running it, it seems like there is way too much slack and the gear are not “eating on” to the chain properly causing the carts to “slip” and get stuck. I took away 6 chain pieces and it ran like magic. If you manage to solve this mystery please leave a comment below!


There are 3 different booths in this set that is very detailed; the cotton candy, ticketing and juice. I love how the ticketing booth is also a photo station, and even has 2x1 pieces with photo stickers of the minifigs on the ride. The juice booth has very pretty “lights” which I wish I could illuminate, most probably I will be buying the lights kit from Light My Bricks. I previously purchase their light kit for my Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Brick Bank, Detective office and Parisian Restaurant. Their kits are one of the cheapest and is of relatively good quality.


I must say that this set introduced me to a lot new building techniques. My partner tried to shake the set vigorously and it kept very still and stable. I am unsure if this is the first time lego has created roller coaster tracks, but they are exceptionally smooth in my opinion. Just take note that there are A LOT of white round 2x2 pieces that makes all the support beams.


Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.

For Australian Lego fans, I would suggest going to Myer and trying your luck to purchase it at 20% off. Technically Myer excluded this set (and some others) from their sale, but usually if you ask nicely the salesperson would offer the discount. Or else you can always buy it off the offical Lego online store at the regular retail price of $499.99.

Thank you again for taking your time to read my blog! I wrote this blog based on what I felt was missing on the internet. I usually do my research online about a set before deciding whether to buy it. But I find that most pro Lego bloggers do very short product introductions. Which is good don’t get me wrong because they get straight to the point, but I always wished that someone would dive deeper into the intricacies of a specific set so that I could get a better understanding of what it is.

I will be posting about the carousel next so stay tuned! For those who are on board with me now, the subscribe button below only collects your emails. I will only decide to send newsletters once I decided on best frequency of posts.

Till next time!

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